Winners and Losers

Vinners and Losers

Mohamed Haroon Sait (Guest Imam)

MAS – Charlotte, 4301 Shamrock Dr, Charlotte, NC 28215

“As for those who say: “Our God is God,” and then stay firm on it, the angels will descend on them, saying: “Let nothing fear or grieve you. Rejoice for the good news of paradise that has been promised to you.”- Qur’an 41:30

We are tested constantly throughout life, there are winners and losers. All of us are presented with two choices constantly, the right way or the wrong way. Every time we meet a brother or sister, every time we engage in business, every time we open our mouths we are presented with a test. Will we choose the righteous way or will we fail the test and give into the wrong way?

Take, for example, the month of Ramadan, we should ask ourselves sincerely, “What benefit have I gained from Ramadan last year? Did I start going to the masjid? Did I fall in prostration more? Did I make dhikr more? Did I read Qur’an more?” Did we learn and improve our condition or did we just finish Ramadan and leave the masjid?

For many people, today is a special day.  Today is the day that they didn’t wake up.  Today is the day that they got up and ate breakfast without making to to lunch.  Every day, 150,000 people die worldwide.  Today is a special day for those people, when they will face the final tests. Our deeds are the only thing that matter on that special day for us.

 For people who have steered their lives with the guidance that God has sent in the Qur’an and the life example of the Prophet Muhammad, the choices for righteous deeds come easier. Those people are promised the reward from God in verse 41:30.

On the day of Judgment, will your deeds make you a winner or a loser?

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