Purifying the Body through Detox

Beakers of unappealing liquid are gathered in front of a white background.
Manufactured foods are full of manmade chemicals which corrupt the system’s natural state.
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“Allah loves those who make themselves pure.” Noble Qur’an, 9:108

There are approximately 80,000 or more chemicals approved for use in the United States; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies. Research has proven that many of these chemicals can disrupt our immune, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive systems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines detoxification as the process of removing a poison or toxin or the effect of either from an area or individual. Detoxification & body purification is critical as an ongoing process for achieving and maintaining health in the human body.

Large amounts of smoke from a tall smokestack interrupts a sunset.
Our modern industry has changed Allah’s creation so that much of the environment has become toxic to us. We absorb these toxins on a daily basis but rarely take time to purge them from our system.

Why do I need to detox? A few examples are as follows:

  • Give your body a rest: The 21st century has brought about high levels of stress and a much faster paced living that has generated greater demands on our overall health. The first step to wellness is to seek guidance from the Creator, Allah (SWT) for purification of the soul and purification of your intention. From there, give your body a break from toxins. This includes things that we consume such as processed food, preservatives, pesticides and herbicides to things that we encounter such as harmful bacteria, excessive stress, and negative people. Additionally one should reduce exposure to polluted air, water and chemicals in general.
A few men pray together in a large, quiet room.
Seek Allah’s guidance and make dua’ for the intention to purify the physical, mental and spiritual self.
  • Strengthen your immune system: Some of the main contributors of modern day living which cause weakened immune function are stress, nutritional deficiencies, impaired digestion, hormone imbalance, etc. or all combined toxins. Begin by removing the toxins and imbalance and then focus on rebuilding, strengthening and maintaining a healthy immune system. Every day, make a conscious effort to choose a healthier meal, take time for exercise and make room in your daily schedule to de-stress. Through doing these basic steps, one becomes closer to becoming a healthier, happier and more energized individual.
Beakers of unappealing liquid are gathered in front of a white background.
Manufactured foods are full of manmade chemicals which corrupt the system’s natural state.
  • Prevent disease and illness: Excess toxins can increase one’s body weight and lead to obesity. Obesity has been linked to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer and a variety of other disorders. A detox protocol may assist with eliminating toxins from fat cells, cleanse the system of impurities and reduce stress hormones. Moreover, one may prevent a variety of diseases by simply maintaining a healthy body weight and lifestyle.
Several different colors of prescription pills are spilled.
Over time, pharmaceuticals weigh the body down with added chemicals that may actually cause other illnesses.
  • Restore balance in the body, mind and spirit: Every system in the body is interconnected to work together.  Bodies that are overloaded with toxicity will become out of balance and this imbalance can result in depression, stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, etc. Detox assists in restoring the internal physical, emotional and mental balance promoting restful sleep, proper digestion, and a calmer mind.
A person stands alone near the light of a window in a large, high-vaulted room with large, softly-lit lanterns suspended overhead.
Taking time to meditate on Allah’s mercy and blessings after each prayer is a great way to de-stress and regain balance before facing the world again.
  • Improving the quality of life: A body filled with toxins or addictions to sugar, refined wheat products, acidic food, alcohol, and drugs (prescription drugs too!) is unable to function at its highest potential.  Detoxification assists with freedom to let go of destructive addictions and helps to regain control over your body and your food choices.  When one choose to detox, one can eliminate pain, lower blood pressure, reduce skin eruptions, reverse the effects of disease, improve energy and mental focus, and regain control of your overall health and well-being.


How do I choose a good detox program?

It may be difficult for most people to determine how to compare various programs and decide which program is good for you and your concerns. If done improperly, a detox program could further weaken the body. Once one determines what the specific goals of detox program are, it is not only helpful but safer and more effective to work with a trained professional clinician to guide you safely through the program.

Finally, keep in mind that most “diets” aren’t a good long-term solution for lasting results; your best option is to establish a permanent lifestyle change based on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean sources of protein. If you choose to do a detox diet, one may want to use it as a way to begin making healthier food choices going forward every day. Allah has created us with one life and one body to carry us through it; by taking care of our bodies by establishing overall wellness we can better serve Allah (SWT) in this life as we prepare for the akhirah.

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