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Al aqsa mosque

Hands Off Al-Aqsa

By Maitha Ali For the first time in 48 years, Masjid al-Aqsa was shut down by Israeli occupation forces for two days after an alleged...
The Jihad is Real

The Jihad is Real

Saad Haq Yes, that is the title; it is a play on the phrase “the struggle is real.”  To be honest, I had a...
Muslims Should Disagree

How Muslims Should Disagree

By Duston Barto "Believers, uphold justice and bear witness to God, even if that witness is against yourself, your parents or your close relatives. Whether...
Humanity An Islamic Perspective

Humanity An Islamic Perspective

Imam John Ederer Some have mistakenly claimed that Islam teaches a compassionate loving bond exclusively with Muslims. When people talk about humanity, they are...
Self-Defense in Dangerous Times

Self-Defense in Dangerous Times

Linda “iLham” Barto As a US military veteran who served on behalf of ALL Americans, I am distressed at the amount of hate Americans have...


A medical disease with social stigmata Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological disorder that affects approximately 2.5 million Americans. Worldwide approximately 65 million people...
Visit of North African Scholars to Charlotte Islamic Academy

Visit of North African Scholars to Charlotte Islamic Academy

8810 Hickory Ridge Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075 A group of Muslim Scholars from North African and Near East countries visited Charlotte Islamic Academy on...
Summer READING can go with Summer FUN

Summer READING can go with Summer FUN

By Sajdah Ali By now you and your family are in full bloom of summer! The weather is ideal for everything you’ve been thinking...
As Salaam Islamic Center Composite 300

An Invitation From As Salaam Islamic Center of Raleigh

By Oliver Muhammad As Salaam Islamic Center of Raleigh, North Carolina is inviting you to become a Partner in helping to build a Modest Masjid...
My Thoughts of Moving Forward After Ramadan

My Thoughts of Moving Forward After Ramadan

By Saad Haq Time is fleeting, not looking back to anyone or anything.  In the age of 24/7 information through news outlets, social media, and...

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Why do Americans Convert to Islam

Why do Americans Convert to Islam?

Islam has always attracted people of all backgrounds since the day Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) started inviting people to it. Its simplicity...
The Begining

The Beginning

By Mohamed Haroon Sait Mankind is a special creation of God. Our beginning is humble and very delicate. If not taken care of, we will...
Stronger than a Storm

Stronger Than A Storm: A Story of Recovery and Rebuilding after Hurricane Irma

On Sept. 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma changed the lives of the people in the Virgin Islands and throughout the Caribbean. The powerful category 5...