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Another Kind of Revert Story

Another Kind of Revert Story

Tammy Little “You need a religion,” my mother said. “It’ll give you direction, guidance.” And about five years ago, when she told me this, she...
My Intellectual Reversion

My Intellectual Reversion

By Isa Hodge You may be asking yourself why I choose the word reversion over conversion in the title. It is because we know we...
Tauheed - The #1 Reason to Embrace Islam

Tauheed – The #1 Reason to Embrace Islam

“I always believed in my heart that there is only one God, and, after listening to the concept of God in Islam, I came...
My Journey To Islam

My Journey To Islam

by Zakiyyah Al Zahid My journey to Islam began when I was 16. I had been raised as a Christian with a strong sense of spirituality....

Vincent’s Reversion

From Neo-Confederate to Muslim Convert, Vincent's Reversion to Islam is a journey of many facets. As salaam alaiykum, My name is Vincent Skipper; I have lived...
Dreaming my way to Islam | Islamic Magazine | Carolina Muslims

Dreaming My Way to Islam

  Linda “iLham” Barto I was raised Southern Baptist, was always religious and active in my religion.  In 1999, however, I began a spiritual journey that...
Arthur embraces Islam at the Masjid by publicly declaring his belief in front of the assembled crowd

New Tires Lead to a New Life in Islam

Arthur recalled how he stumbled upon Islam. He had stopped at Tariq Ali Khan’s store to change his tires. That is when He met Ali. Ali’s honesty and respectful customer handling attracted him. He inquired: “Are you Muslim?”

Accepting Islam Across the Generations

The Story of How a Grandfather and His Grandson Found the Way and the Truth in Islam A personal account by David Cavall I remember the first...

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Plant a seed

Plant a seed this Ramadan

Imagine planting a seed and carefully watering it on a daily basis. Slowly but surely, after nurturing that seed, you will see it bloom...
If I told you today that I was a messenger of God part 2

If I told you today that I was a messenger of God part 2

By Imam Eesaa Wood In last month's article, we addressed that many people have concerns accepting Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as The Messenger of God. In that...
In Perspective

In Perspective

Preparing for Sha'ban and Ramadan in 2017: Advices from Sheikh Bassam Obeid As we head into Sha’ban, and Ramadan draws near, it is important to...