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Accepting Islam Across the Generations

The Story of How a Grandfather and His Grandson Found the Way and the Truth in Islam A personal account by David Cavall I remember the first...
Make the Best of Ramadan

Make the Best of Ramadan

By Imam Atif Chaudary Assalamu alaikum, brothers and sisters, we're in the midst of the blessed month of Ramadhan. A month that is better than...
Reflecting on Departure from this Life in Preparation for the Next

Reflecting on Departure from this Life in Preparation for the Next

By Imam Osama Salhia All praises belonging to Allah (SWT) and may the peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). Oh you who...
vintage image of the pyramids of Giza with a small caravan

Ibn Kathir’s Prophet Moses

  Story of Prophet Musa / Moses and Haroon / Aaron (pbut) Ibn Kathir The pharaoh who ruled Egypt was a tyrant who oppressed the descendants of...
An Hour with Imam Khalil A. Akbar | Islamic Magazine | Carolina Muslims

An Islamic View of the True CHRISTMAS

Part 1 of the Muslim view on Jesus Christ Imam Khalil Akbar Christmas is a time of year where all of humanity can celebrate together in...
Ramadan Demands Positive Changes - Khutbah of Osama Salhia

Ramadan Demands Positive Changes

Osamah Salhia - Muslim American Society of Charlotte May 20, 2016 All praises belonging to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) our Creator, and our Sustainer. May the...

Islamic Q & A – Imam Osamah Salhia

Question: Assalamu aleykum, Last year I converted to Islam and my occupation caused me some issues because, as a skin therapist, I had to...
Fulfill All Obligations

Fulfill All Obligations

Imam Abdul-Azziz (Guest Imam) Masjid Ash-Shaheed, 400 W Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte NC 28213   "O You Who Believe ! Maintain your obligations !"- Qur'an 5:1 Imam Abdul-Azziz...

O You Muslim, Do Not Despair!

Imam Atif Chaudhry & Duston Barto There is so much strife and misery in the Muslim world, from Gaza to Burma; from China to Philippines,...
Learn what is sharia law directly from an educated Muslim source.

What is Sharia Law? – From Imam Atif

Islamic Law is often misunderstood with many people questioning "What is Sharia Law?" In short, Sharia Law to Muslims is like Ten Commandments to Jews. Imam Atif Chaudhry explains that in simple terms.

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Why do Americans Convert to Islam

Why do Americans Convert to Islam?

Islam has always attracted people of all backgrounds since the day Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) started inviting people to it. Its simplicity...
The Begining

The Beginning

By Mohamed Haroon Sait Mankind is a special creation of God. Our beginning is humble and very delicate. If not taken care of, we will...
Stronger than a Storm

Stronger Than A Storm: A Story of Recovery and Rebuilding after Hurricane Irma

On Sept. 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma changed the lives of the people in the Virgin Islands and throughout the Caribbean. The powerful category 5...