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Building the Authentic American Islamic Identity

A Muslim reading articles or watching Islamic videos online cannot go far without running into the name of Imam Yahya/John Ederer.

Dawah Lessons From a Master

From our interview with Sheikh Kemal El Makki Sheikh Kemal El Makki is one of Al Maghrib Institute's best loved instructors and Imams. Originally from...

Sheikh Bassam Obeid : Kalamun to Carolina

Sheikh Bassam Obeid and the Islamic Center of Charlotte has prominent place in the Muslim communities in Charlotte, NC. I know the Sheikh from...

Addressing Common Issues in Muslim Communities

An Interview with Sheikh Abdool Rahman Khan: “We wanted to ask you, with these difficult times that muslims are going through, what is the best...
Imam Zaid Shakir laughs and uses his hands to express what he is saying.

Opportunities for the Muslim American Community – Imam Zaid Shakir

Imam Zaid Shakir explains the way communities ought to behave and how we have opportunities for growth. We have to be realistic and consider...
An Interview with Dr. Azim Beg, Principal of Charlotte Islamic Academy

An Interview with Dr. Azim Beg, Principal of Charlotte Islamic Academy

Give us an Introduction of yourself and your experience in Education. I am Mirza Azim Beg, the Principal of Charlotte Islamic Academy. I bring...
Preparing for Sha'ban and Ramadan in 2017: Advices from Sheikh Bassam Obeid

Preparing for Sha’ban and Ramadan in 2017: Advices from Sheikh Bassam Obeid

As we head into Sha’ban, and Ramadan draws near, it is important to align our priorities and goals before we begin fasting. We asked...
A Conversation with Imam Siraj Wahaj | Islamic Magazine | Carolina Muslims

A Conversation with Imam Siraj Wahaj

Duston Barto He came into Masjid Ash-Shaheed in a very unassuming way, as if he was unaware of the massive level of popularity he’s achieved. ...
Young Hafiz – Guardians of the Word

Young Hafiz – Guardians of the Word

Three young men in our community have recently been recognized as Hafiz and are leading taraweeh here in Charlotte during this Ramadan. The Arabic root of “hafiz” directly translates to “guardian” so literally speaking, these young men are guardians of proper recitation and thereby protectors of the perfection of the prayers of those they lead. After speaking with them, it is clear that they take this task very seriously.

Brotherhood Behind Bars:

The State of Muslim American Inmates of North & South Carolina by Imam Tamir Mutakabbir Based on my experience as a chaplain for the South Carolina...

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