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Wisdom From the Community Builder Imam Qasim Ahmed

Wisdom From the Community Builder Imam Qasim Ahmed

“I build communities and schools both physically and mentally because I’m a carpenter by trade; so that’s what I do and I’ve been doing it for 30 years. It’s not just building individuals though it’s building communities; we have Qur’anic workshops. At my institute, the Islamic Learning Institute, the motto is ‘Traveling the World to Educate and Propagate’ that’s what I do.” Along with training Imams, Imam Qasim also trains teachers and creates youth development classes along with helping communities create an overall education framework.
An Interview with Dr. Azim Beg, Principal of Charlotte Islamic Academy

An Interview with Dr. Azim Beg, Principal of Charlotte Islamic Academy

Give us an Introduction of yourself and your experience in Education. I am Mirza Azim Beg, the Principal of Charlotte Islamic Academy. I bring...
Imam Mohamed Abu Taleb

Imam AbuTaleb – Creating a Legacy of Righteousness

Interview with Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb Mohamed AbuTaleb only arrived in NC a few short months ago, to succeed Imam Baianonie as the Imam of The...

Fighting for Light, A moment with Hector Camacho, JR

“You know, recently I've been offered sponsorships from companies that are haram and I say no. The money may sound good but it's against Allah's words so I keep away from them. And that's what I believe in. Unfortunately it's like that but hey if you know what's in your heart then you live by it and go by God's way, it shouldn't bother nobody.”

Brotherhood Behind Bars:

The State of Muslim American Inmates of North & South Carolina by Imam Tamir Mutakabbir Based on my experience as a chaplain for the South Carolina...
Bringing the Masjid Back to the People – Imam Osamah Salhia

Bringing the Masjid Back to the People – Imam Osamah Salhia

A Conversation with Imam Osamah Salhia As soon as I heard that MAS had hired a new Imam, I was instantly curious. Who is he?...
Book cover showing a young woman with curled hair in partial silhouette against a field of yellow with gears illustrating the turning mind of the intellectual poet.

Exploring Ayesha’s Verses – Muslim Poetry

Unforunately, Muslim Poetry is an art form that seems to be a thing of the past; rarely do modern Muslim poets get the attention...
Young Hafiz – Guardians of the Word

Young Hafiz – Guardians of the Word

Three young men in our community have recently been recognized as Hafiz and are leading taraweeh here in Charlotte during this Ramadan. The Arabic root of “hafiz” directly translates to “guardian” so literally speaking, these young men are guardians of proper recitation and thereby protectors of the perfection of the prayers of those they lead. After speaking with them, it is clear that they take this task very seriously.

Sheikh Bassam Obeid : Kalamun to Carolina

Sheikh Bassam Obeid and the Islamic Center of Charlotte has prominent place in the Muslim communities in Charlotte, NC. I know the Sheikh from...
Raising righteous youth in a secular society

Raising righteous youth in a secular society

An interview with ICC's Youth Director, Shaikh Muhammad Khan Originally from Guyana, in South America, Muhammad Khan is a relative newcomer to the Charlotte area. ...

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