Animal Rights in Islam

Animal Rights in Islam

Imam Tamir Mutakabbir

Masjid Al-Muminum, 1720 Wilson W Lee Blvd, Statesville NC 28677
“There is not an animal on the earth or a being that flies on its wings, that does not form communities like you. Nothing have We omitted from the Book, and they will be gathered to their Lord in the end.” – Qur’an 6:38


“The seven heavens and the earth, and all beings therein declare His glory. There is not a thing that does not glorify and praise Him, and yet you do not understand how they declare His glory, indeed He is Oft-Forbearing, Most Forgiving.” – Qur’an 17:44

God gave every animal its ability. He enabled birds to fly, fish to swim, and horses to gallop. Animals were here on earth long before humans. They live in an existence of perfect submission to their nature in the way God has created them.  God then placed man and woman on the earth and gave them the responsibility to be caretakers, or khalifah, of the Earth and the animals upon it.

During his sermon Imam Tamir expressed how those who are caretakers must take the responsibility strongly. In many ways mankind has failed to be a proper caretaker for the creation of God.  Mankind has forced animals to fight one another for his amusement; he has killed animals for no purpose and has laid waste to the environment.

Further, we must respect the life of the animals that we take for food. All life has been made sacred by God and permissions have been given to us to eat sparingly of certain animals.  We should respect the nature that God has created in them and preserve the quality of life for all animals.

We believers must reclaim our responsibility to be khalifah on the earth. Be the caretaker of creation, not its abuser.

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