About Muslim American, Inc;

Muslim American was established based on the demand of the Muslim community following the success of Carolina Muslims.  In May of 2014, our publisher began a small magazine in Charlotte, NC called Carolina Muslims which was established with the stated purpose of connecting Muslims and clarifying Islam for the masses.  In a short time the magazine grew from 16 pages to 24 pages, from a distribution of 800 copies to 2,000 and demand for copies, back issues and advertising space radically increased.  By October of 2014 it became clear that we had tapped into something that the ummah desperately needed and the decision was made to re-shape Carolina Muslims into a national publication.

January of 2015 marked the first issue of Muslim American and the public announcement of Muslim American, Inc as not only a publisher of Islamic information, but as a resource for Muslim goods. Merchandise such as modest clothing, sunnah health products, alcohol-free perfumes, body oils and even jewelry catered to Muslim tastes are available through the Muslim American shop.

As a magazine, Muslim American seeks to provide quality information to the Muslim American audience without any prejudice toward or against any group.  We believe in the universal nature of Islam and our articles express the voices of immigrant and indigenous Muslims alike from all different backgrounds of Islamic thought.   We make no political statements, we support no political party above another and we promote no ideology over another.  We defend the Qur’an and Sunnah as we promote the unification and solidarity of all Muslim Americans as one ummah.

Mission Statement

Muslim American, Inc provides information and merchandise which will help Muslims in America to become better informed and equipped to exercise their faith and embrace aspects of the sunnah. We provide information to empower Muslims and instill pride in Muslim American identity as we reinforce the aspects of liberty, justice and equality as powerful aspects of Islam as well as in the foundation of America.


Muslim American, Inc seeks to achieve the following within the first five years of establishment:

To become the leading Muslim publication in America with circulation in all 50 states and 10 provinces of Canada.

To be recognized as promoting pride in the identity of Muslim American and empowerment of Muslim Americans toward unity and solidarity.

To establish sources of knowledge via our magazine and events which are recognized internationally as upholding the highest standards of excellence and which help the Muslim community to grow stronger.

To be recognized as a leader in Muslim wares via our store, to provide a diverse collection of products which would allow Muslims in rural places of America access to everything that they would need to practice Islam without making compromises on aspects of emulating the sunnah.